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We consider ourselves lucky at The Soul Care Shop.

As hard as we’ve worked on our products and our business, we recognise that there are others who just aren’t getting the same opportunities, no matter how much they sacrifice.

All over the world, there are women and girls in a disadvantaged position – and without the right training, education and support, they might never be able to achieve everything they’re capable of and live the lives they deserve.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve started working with the Wonder Foundation, a charity whose mission is to help women and communities who aren’t starting out with the same advantages.

What’s the Wonder Foundation all about?

Since 2012, the Women’s Network for Development and Educational Resources (WONDER) has been dedicated to empowering vulnerable people through education.

By working with local female leaders all across the world, they help women, girls and communities to escape poverty through:

  • Supporting sustainable education projects in the UK and abroad
  • Giving women and girls the professional training and expertise they need to secure high-quality local jobs
  • Raising funds that make a difference through donations and grants
  • Promoting awareness and open discussion of the issues around female disadvantage, and commissioning research projects into these areas. 


What’s that got to do with The Soul Care Shop?


We’re always on the lookout for important issues and valuable causes, and reading about the foundation’s huge efforts and commendable progress really struck a chord with us.

So when we recently became official partners to the Wonder Foundation, we just had to tell you about it.

Through this new partnership, we’ll be donating 1% of all our sales to help fund their education and research projects, as well as using our business as a platform to help raise awareness about the issues women face and all the great things the foundation is achieving.

We’ll also be working directly with the foundation on some joint campaigns in the future – so keep checking back to get the latest news! 

How can I get involved?


If you’re interested in helping to make the future a brighter place for women and girls (and you should be!) there are loads of different ways you can get stuck in and do some good.

The Wonder Foundation is currently looking for enthusiastic people interested in:

  • Volunteering and internships
  • Becoming a business partner (just like us!)
  • Fundraising and event organising.

And of course, if you haven’t already, the easiest way to show your support is to get your hands on one of our swim caps. Every swim cap we ship out means more money heading straight to the Wonder Foundation and on to where it’s needed the most.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Wonder Foundation today to find out more and see how you can start helping disadvantaged women get ahead in life.

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